Veil of Souls special edition e-books have been sent to Backers

Happy New Year! I hope 2024 treats you well! I’m almost caught up with the Aether Chronicles which is fantastic! I’m back at work tomorrow and time is always limited.

Veil Of Souls campaign is coming together nicely. The special edition e-books have gone out to all backers. They will be made available exclusively through my website very soon, and perhaps my Ream or Patreon channel. The special edition will not be available through retailers as there is too much art inside the file to be delivered by them. I will release a more basic e-book version on other retailers at some point this year.

The paperback and hardbacks have hit a little bump in the road. I wasn’t happy with the proof copies I received, so I am currently trying to sort that out before I bulk-order them to send out to my backers. The dustjacket art has gone to the specialist foil printers so I’m waiting to hear back about that. I’m really excited to see the embossed and foiled front cover and spine.

The good news about all the beautiful swag and foil bookmarks though, is the postcards are all on their way to me. I have received the chibi stickers, (which are really cute) and I’m just waiting on a proof copy of the foil bookmarks which should be with me tomorrow.

As soon as I start shipping the orders out, I’ll be able to get my next campaign up and running. 

Angel of Aether is edited and ready to go. I’m really just waiting on artists who are unfortunately all booked up. If you know of any talented artists who are professional and you think will suit the style and brand of this series then feel free to get them to email me at email@karentomlinson.com

King Of Demons is almost edited, too. I’m so happy to be ready to bring this series to you. I’ll be sorting out a cover reveal for you very soon for Angel of Aether. The image attached to this post is an example of the interior design. It’s beautiful and I can’t wait for you to see it. 



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