Title reveal for the second book in the Shadow Sentinels world Novels!

‘I am an Alpha. I have a job to do. Too bad I can’t resist her curves and attitude. It will end in disaster for both of us. Especially as my heart turned to stone a long time ago.’ Rawson, Broken Alpha © Karen Tomlinson 2021



I’m excited to reveal the title for the next book in the Shadow Sentinels world Novels. The next book is all for Rawson and Ava. Yup! They are hot for each other! Well, maybe not to start with! But, hey, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

So the title is Broken Alpha. And Rawson is so broken by what happened to Lyss in the past and how he is dealing with his guilt of so many things, not least his attraction to a beautiful curvy wolf shifter…

You can preorder on Amazon, or join my Patreon for an exclusive signed e-copy prior to release.





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