Only 7 days to go!

 Okay! Okay! I know I’ve posted A LOT about Beginnings release, but it’s my new book baby and I’m proud of it! Yes, I am! It’s also the start of a spangly new series, in a whole different genre for me and I want to know what my readers think. 

So just in case you didn’t know, Beginnings releases in 7 days, next Saturday. 

If you haven’t preordered yet, then your time to grab it for 0.99 is running out. After release day it will go up to 2.99. 

Just click the link to read the description. If you prefer to buy your books somewhere other than Amazon, then don’t forget you can become a Patreon supporter and get the other e-books in this series before they become exclusive to Amazon. The way Patreon works means you can dip in and out of your monetary subscription when you wish, so you can just support me when you would like the new release if that works better for you. 

Links for both sites are below.

And here’s to counting down to release…eek!



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