Vampire Chained is available in ebook exclusive to my website!









Vampire Chained will remain exclusive to my website for the near future. I want to give my readers who don’t read through Amazon, the chance to buy it at a reduced price before I decide to put it up for sale on Kindle Unlimited.

I’d also like to have the first book in the main series available for preorder before I release VC into the big wide world. If readers like Elliot and Dav’s story then it’s nice if the next book in the Blood Throne world is there to preorder or read so that they can look forward to Balthazar, Shane’s, and Sorcha’s story.

I’ll probably put up the preorder soon, but for now I’m happy with VC being exclusive to my own shop.

If you are nervous about buying through me, let me reassure you that the sales so far have gone through with no issues.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


To buy just click the link below or the image. You’ll be taken to my shop where you can purchase your copy.




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