Release Date for Broken Alpha!

I’m stoked that I can bring the release of Broken Alpha right forward to the 23rd of May. I hope you are ready for Rawson and Ava because they will take you on a wild ride!

The book is currently up for preorder but if you are the kind of person who can remember dates, and can hold off  buying until the release date that would be amazing.

I’m led to believe that if people purchase and leave reviews on release day it helps push the book up the charts a bit and will help with sales rank and visibility. I have no actual proof this is true but it can’t hurt to try!

If you’d like to preorder here is the Amazon.com link (this is an affiliate link & means if you purchase I get a tiny commission) AMAZON. COM

And here’s the universal Amazon Link if you live outside the US. UNIVERSAL LINK (not affiliated)

Physical copies will be available via all major booksellers & of course my webshop



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