I’m taking a chance on a new artist…

I worked with some great artists for Veil Of Souls, but I’ve decided to take a chance at working with someone new for the Angel Of Aether special editions.

The artists I worked with for VOS are still doing a piece each for me, but unfortunately, the goalposts on time keep being pushed. It’s unfortunate as it means I can finish developing the Kickstarter campaign and certainly can’t launch it until I have the artwork.

The artist I’m working with contacted me and I was looking for someone with a different style to include. I also need the art to entice people to back the project.

After speaking with them, I’m hoping that they will have time to dedicate to my art piece and are more likely to fulfill their promises. It’s also really nice to give others a chance.

Having art in different styles is always great from an aesthetic pov too!

I’m really excited to see what the sketch they’ve sent looks like as a completed piece.

I absolutely adore it, and can’t wait to see it finished. I’m including a snapshot here. If you want to see the full sketch it’s over on Patreon. I’ll be posting more AOA art and teasers on there for my readers too.  Come and join in the fun! 

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