Cover reveal: ruin

I’m excited to share this beautiful cover with you. Ember and Connor’s adventures continue in Ruin, and boy are you in for a ride! 👉Preorder by clicking the cover image or the button below.👈


Book Description:

She is a legend…and she will set worlds ablaze to get her mate back.

Four years ago, I made a vow: I would protect what was mine. And through a love so deep it hurts, Connor is mine. Now, he is imprisoned and being tortured. All because Hell wants me. I am the key to Satan’s freedom. And once he is free, he will devour our world.

Trapped in the realm of Faerie, I must find a way to escape the High King and return to Earth.

They tell me my mate is dead.
They tell me I’m the key to unlock Hell.
They tell me I cannot leave Faerie. They tell me a lot of things. So I smile, knowing they have forgotten; I am the stuff of legends. And they cannot contain me.

I will escape, and I will find my mate. And I will bring utter Ruin to every realm I cross until I bring Hell to its knees. Connor is there, he is alive. And he is waiting, knowing I will come. For in his soul, Connor knows…I protect what is mine.

If you like Ilona Andrews: Kate Daniels series, Patricia Briggs, K F Breene, Faith Hunter, Shannon Mayer, Kim Harrison, and Jennifer Estep you’ll love this action-packed, emotionally charged thrill ride.

*This series is for 18+ readers only. Please only read if you enjoy sexy alphas, kick-arse heroines, love hot and sexy scenes, have no issues with bad language; and adore an amazing supernatural story. If you do then dive in and hold onto your knickers (I’m British!) or any other item of clothing. You’re in for a ride!

Reading order:
Book one: Wrecked
Book Two: Ruin
Book Three: tbc

Cover reveal: ruin

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