Vampire Chained e-book will release on Kindle Unlimited on 6th June!

I’ve decided it’s time to release Davlov and Elliot’s story out into the big wide world! The paperback will be available soon through all major retailers, and for the near future the e-book will be available to read through Kindle Unlimited! I’ll drop a post with the preorder link very soon. 

Vampire Chained is a novella set in the same world as my new Blood Throne Saga. There are cameos of characters from the Shadow Sentinels, and one of the main characters is Shane. If you’ve read the Shadow Sentinels and Alpha Scorned, you’ll have met him before.

The first book in the Blood Throne series will release as soon as I can! Lol! Realistically it will be next year! 

Right I’m back to editing the Aether Chronicles now!



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