Family fun and downtime from social media

So before Christmas, I was utterly knackered! (Lol! British term for exhausted!) I had (and have) lots of ducks to balance. They are not in a row, in fact as a poster where I work puts it, they are currently at a rave and doing their own damn thing! Anyway, ducks aside, I decided I needed to let something go or I was going to break. I made a conscious decision to let Social Media rest for a while to let me get some writing done and to let me concentrate on my family for the next few weeks. 

And boy has it made a difference!

I have got loads of writing done, and I’m not stressing about being timely at posting, or if anyone sees or comments on my posts! Which, if I’m honest,  that’s what bothers me most about it. I have limited time to post and because of that, especially on Facebook, it means my posts aren’t shown. The bots they use don’t see the point of telling people about my posts because I don’t post often enough and to them, that means poor engagement, which results in less exposure. The result of that is stress for me at wondering what I can do to try and get engagement from readers, and I stress even more about the fact that I have 8 social media platforms to try and post in on a daily basis. Yeah, not happening! 

My point of this little rant? That if I stopped stressing about SM so much, I’d get far more writing done and have more books for you all to read, and be far happier all around really. I have started my Mighty Network which allows me to notify all of my members when I post which is great. I get to decide when I do that, not the platform, and I’m not censored either, which is great. 

I love TikTok and I love Booktok, and IG, too, but I’m not comfortable dancing around, and taking pretty pics is also not my forte! It takes me ages just to do a 1-minute take for TikTok as I keep reshooting things! I guess the time on all platforms is always going to be short, so I am going to concentrate on my Patreon supporters and my Mighty Network next year. If you want to join me then that would be great!

Mighty Network: JOIN HERE

Patreon: JOIN HERE

I’ll still post in my Silver Guardians Facebook group but I’m certainly not going to stress if no one sees the posts anymore. I feel a lot lighter having made the decision not to worry about it all so much. If you use Social Media regularly and talk about books and reading, which platforms do you use most? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. You can drop me a line at email@karentomlinson.com

I’m feeling much more rested and have found my excitement for writing again which is amazing. I’ve spent time with my girls and my lovey dally pup and am stoked for all of the projects I have coming up this year. I’ll keep you updated here and in my newsletter which you can join through my website, but the first people to hear about my news will be my Patreons. So come on over and join us!

Have a lovely new year! 



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