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The Goddess and The Guardians Series (Available on Karen’s shop, Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited)

A Bond of Destiny and Dragons

A Bond of Venom and Magic

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A Bond of Blood and Fire

A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls

A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

The Goddess and the Guardians Boxset

The Eight Kingdoms (Available on Karen’s shop, Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited)

Blessed King (Duet book 1)

Wiccan Queen (Duet book 2)

Emerald Warrior (standalone)

Shadow Sentinels (Paranormal wolf shifter romance) 18+ (Available on Karen’s shop, Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited)





Shadow Sentinels world (Standalone Paranormal shifter Romance) 18+ (Available on Karen’s shop, Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited)

Alpha Scorned

Broken Alpha

TITLE tbc (Stone & Shannon’s book) WIP Releasing October 2024

The Aether Chronicles 18+ Romantic Dark Fantasy

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Veil Of Souls 


King Of Demons (Releasing on Kickstarter autumn 2024)

The Blood Throne Saga 

(18+ M/M & M/M/F  paranormal vampire romances.)

Vampire Chained (standalone M/M Vampire Romance)

The Goddess And The Guardians Series

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A Bond of Destiny and Dragons

(The Goddess and the Guardians Prequel)


A Queen rises. And the destiny of two fae warriors will alter the course of the future forever.

Prince Lexon Arjuno and Commander Erzion Riddeon are brothers in everything but blood.

When their kingdom is destroyed, destiny propels them on very different paths.

 To save Lexon, Erzion is forced to take an oath to his goddess. Now immortal, guilt becomes his burden to bear. Enduring a life of servitude to the tyrannical usurper of the Avalonian throne, he keeps his heart encased in stone, his true purpose a secret—until one woman awakens a fire in his soul that cannot be ignored.

 Escaping his fallen kingdom, Lexon travels across mysterious, war-torn lands, alongside the dragon-shifter goddess who has stolen his heart. Somehow, he must fulfil his destiny and build a kingdom and an army strong enough to fight for the infant queen he now protects. 

Filled with action, romance and unforgettable characters, A Bond of Destiny and Dragons is the first instalment of The Goddess and the Guardians romantic fantasy series. Be transported into lands of armoured winged faery warriors, magic and mighty dragons. Readers of high fantasy will fall in love with this stunning world; one you will not want to leave.

This book can be read as a standalone novel but gives some history to the events in The Goddess and the Guardians series.

A Bond of Venom and Magic

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 1)

A Bond of Venom and Magic

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 1)


The war raging in the South seems a remote danger for seventeen-year-old Diamond Gillon until her home is brutally attacked.

Catapulted into a terrifying new existence where legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned, and half-blood fae like her have no rights, Diamond is inexplicably drawn to Commander Hugo Casimir. But he is a ruthless elite guard owned by a cruel, immortal fae queen who murders her own people for magic.

A prisoner in Hugo’s world, Diamond’s circumstances become ever more perilous; for the Queen covets more than just magic. Diamond must escape—before her fate, and that of The Eight Kingdoms, is sealed in shadow and chaos.

When her life hangs in the balance, will Hugo prove to be her friend and ally, or an enemy unworthy of her heart?

A Bond of Venom and Magic is the first installment in this breathtaking four book romantic fantasy series. Perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas and Holly Black. Hold onto your heart, dive in and be swept away in this spectacular epic sword and sorcery adventure.

A Bond of Blood and Fire

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 2)

A Bond of Blood and Fire

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 2)


A love bathed in fire. A destiny sealed with blood.

In a world ravaged by war, half-blood fae Diamond Gillon must fight to survive.

Becoming a magical weapon for the fae queen and defending the capital city of Valentia from the Wraith Lord is the only way to save her beloved friends from execution. But mastering the destructive force of her magic proves a terrifying, if not impossible, task.

Diamond loathes Commander Hugo Casimir, the queen’s guard ordered to train her. Once her friend, he is now her enemy. To complicate matters, the two share a rare, magical connection—a bond that will ultimately shape not only their destiny, but their hearts.

Love and loyalty will be tested as Diamond battles giants, an ancient dragon, and an army of monstrous creatures in her quest to save Valentia. She must find a way to defeat the Wraith Lord and save those she loves, or the Eight Kingdoms will descend forever into bloodshed and chaos.

A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 3)

A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 3)


A shattered bond. A world at war.

Seventeen year old Diamond has learned to beat the odds but soon discovers triumph in one battle does not win a war. Now the fae kingdom is in turmoil and the lord of Chaos is coming.

Ripped apart from Hugo, the fae warrior who holds her heart, Diamond embarks upon a treacherous journey. Determined to save the souls of the mortal world, she risks everything to forge vital new alliances. But her only bargaining chip is the blood in her veins. Somehow, she must use it to persuade the sovereigns of the Eight Kingdoms to unite in war.

Utterly alone, Hugo endures unspeakable horrors. Fighting the demons of Chaos, he must confront an agonising loss. His only hope? That the mighty dragons heed his plea for help. His world and heart will be doomed if he cannot save Diamond before the darkness can end her.

A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls is an action packed, high fantasy tale that will astound lovers of Sarah J Maas and Sabaa Tahir, transporting them into a world of magic, wizards and war.

Author note: This book has some mature themes.

A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 4)

A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

(The Goddess and the Guardians Book 4)


Sometimes winning means losing EVERYTHING.

Reeling from their encounter with the God of Chaos, Diamond and Eryanth Arjuno, the true heirs of the Avalonian crown, strive to rekindle their broken bonds and heal their shattered hearts.

 But the machinations of war are never simple. Challenges must be faced and threat hovers ever closer as painful truths are revealed and blood ties are uncovered.

 No longer an innocent village girl but a fierce and powerful queen, Diamond will fight for those she loves. She will wage war for her people and battle for the survival of every soul in the Eight Kingdoms. But she soon discovers destiny will exact a high price. If she cannot accept the cost to her heart and soul, the Eight Kingdoms—and those dearest to her, will be doomed for eternity.

 Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart pounding battle, sailing through vast oceans and flying with fierce dragons. You’ll be pushed to your limits and sucked back in for this final, breathtaking adventure in The Goddess and the Guardians series. It’s the epic conclusion you never knew you were waiting for.

The Goddess and The Guardians Boxset: The Complete Romantic Fantasy Quartet

The Goddess and The Guardians Boxset: The Complete Romantic Fantasy Quartet


This digital boxed set includes all four books in the Goddess and the Guardians series, more than 1,500 pages of fantasy, romance, magic, and fae!

A half-fae village girl with undiscovered power. A vicious fae warrior with a conflicted heart. And a bond powerful enough to strengthen them both, or tear their world apart.

When Diamond Gillon’s home is brutally attacked, she is catapulted into a terrifying, war-torn land where legendary beasts arise, magic is condemned, and half-blood fae like her have no rights. Inexplicably, she is drawn to Commander Hugo Casimir, a ruthless elite guard owned by the cruel, immortal fae queen. Forced by the queen to train her magic, Diamond becomes a weapon. Now she must triumph against the queen’s enemies or see those she loves, die.

Commander Hugo Casimir believes he is good for nothing but ending lives. To endure his servitude to the queen, he has built a wall around his heart and hides it away from the world. Only when he meets Diamond does he consider that his life can mean so much more, that he can be so much more.

But Hugo’s queen is determined not to lose his loyalty—or him. To keep Diamond alive Hugo must make them both believe he is as cold-hearted as ever. Neither Diamond nor Hugo are aware that beyond the veil to the mortal world, the god of Chaos awaits. Soon both must embrace the bonds which unite them and seize their destiny, for war is coming. And the fate of the Eight Kingdoms rests with them…

Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart-pounding battles, sailing through vast oceans, and flying with fierce dragons in this epic romantic fantasy that fans of Sarah J. Maas will love.

The Eight Kingdoms Series

Blessed King: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #1

Blessed King: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #1


An ill-fated king. A princess with a damning secret. And an army of phantom witches intent on destroying them both.

Returning from war, King Jack Oden and ‍Princess Lyana vow to rebuild the starving kingdom of Rhodainia.

When innocent children are found murdered, Lyana must risk all and enter the world of outlawed spell-weavers to seek the culprit.

As Jack fights for the survival of the kingdom, Lyana’s own secret threatens not only her chance to bring the killer to justice but more bloodshed and war.

With every life in the kingdom hanging in the balance, will Jack and Lyana lose themselves and their love in the coming battle?

After all, the phantoms are coming and they will annihilate everything to get what they want…

Dive into this romantic fantasy and join a cast of fabulous characters who will steal your breath, set your heart pounding and leave you yearning for more as they battle for a better world, a better future and a love that will transcend adversity.

Note: The Eight Kingdoms novels are standalone and duology stories set after the events in The Goddess and the Guardians series. As such they are best read after that series but can also be read before. All books contain some cursing and sex.

Wiccan Queen: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #2

Wiccan Queen: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #2


The witch war is coming. There is no escape.

Fate chose Lyana to be the Wiccan Queen. Now she is being hunted. The veil between worlds is thinning and the Witch princess seeks revenge.

Aided by an ancient spirit, an immortal Wiccan lord and an ancient cauldron, Lyana vows to protect the kingdom she has grown to love. To defeat her nemesis, she must harness the ancient power of the Wiccan Queen, including the astonishing ability to travel the astral plane where time means nothing and existence is merely a matter of perspective.

Jack should kill Lyana for what she is. It is the law. But he is the king and he has the power to rewrite the law. While Stormguaard prepares for war, Jack searches vast forest lands for the woman he loves. Soon he finds himself battling more than one ancient and vicious enemy to survive.

Both Lyana and Jack must face their foes head on. For if the witch princess captures her prize, there will be no going back—for anyone.

This is the second book in the Blessed King duology. Dive into this romantic fantasy, set in a vast magical world. Readers of Sarah J Maas and Holly Black, who love all things fae with a good helping of Witches, Wiccans and magic thrown in, will love the tales of The Eight Kingdoms.

Emerald Warrior: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #3

Emerald Warrior: An Eight Kingdoms Novel #3


A broken warrior. A human healer. A curse that will unite them…or shatter them forever.

After surviving the war of the Eight Kingdoms, Commander Attion Sarou finds his identity fading. Tasked by his king and queen to learn more about his green magic and healing talents, Attion discovers himself in uncertain territory. While learning about his healing abilities, he has fallen for Meri, a human healer. But Attion is a killer. It’s what he’s good at. And when his fae desires surface and his emotions slip from his control, Attion becomes determined to let Meri live free of his toxic presence. Forcing himself to leave her behind, he sets off on a quest to find a cure for the curse that has plagued Meri for years.

Meri isn’t frightened by Attion’s brutal history – or by Attion himself. But demons from that past haunt him. When he leaves without telling her why, Meri single-mindedly resolves to conquer those demons by replacing them with something better.

On opposite sides of a vast ocean, Attion and Meri face obstacles that put both of their lives at risk.

Can a warrior with a broken past, and the human healer who unlocked his heart, reunite before his quest destroys them both?

The Goddess and The Guardians Boxset: The Complete Romantic Fantasy Quartet

Vampire Chained

A Stand-alone Blood Throne World Novella.

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