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I was handed a miracle. I found my soulmate. And I won’t let her go.

Selina is mine. She is my future. My everything. Until she rejects me, ripping my heart out. Now I spend my life trying to dull the never-ending agony she left behind. I’ve become a cold-hearted killer. I’ve neglected my pack, my duty, even my brothers. As one of the most powerful shifters in this world, I know a challenge for my position as Beta to the King of Shifters is inevitable. But it never happens. Instead, I’m ordered to become Alpha to a remote pack of shifters and to hunt and kill whoever is suicidal enough to kidnap and threaten our kind. But Fate, bitch that she is, throws my soulmate into my path once again. This time, though, I’m ready. This time I have armoured my heart against her.

At least, that’s what I tell myself—until I’m staring into those beautiful jade eyes once again.

I soon discover that danger lurks in the darkness of the small town. But I am a Shadow Sentinel, a warrior, an Alpha, and above all else, a shifter with a mate who needs me, even if she will not admit it.

This time there will be no running. For either of us. I will protect her. And I will win her. Because she is mine. And no amount of evil will ever take her from me.


My name is Selina. And I am a wolf-shifter with a damning secret.

The scars I carry are a testament to my violent past. But the worst one is on the inside. And I can never reveal it, especially not to the sinfully sexy and powerful alpha, who is my soulmate.

Four years ago, I watched Owen Brady leave to fight in the demon war with the Shifter King. Now he’s back, and he’s the King’s Beta, one of the Shadow Sentinels, the most powerful shifters in our world. And he’s made it clear he wants me.

But if I stay with him, my secret could shatter his life and undo all I’ve done to protect my son. I won’t do that. I can’t. Not to my soulmate and not to my son. So, with my heart in tatters, I walk away.

But Fate is cruel, and after a year of living with my actions, she throws him right back into my life. Only this time, he’s battle-hardened and cold as hell.

No matter his hate for me, I can’t walk away, not when danger lurks so close. Protecting my soulmate and my son is everything. My secret might ruin my life, but I won’t let it ruin theirs. Ever.

*This series is for 18+ readers only.

This is book 1 in the standalone paranormal romance series set in the Shadow Sentinels World. It is not necessary to read the Shadow Sentinels before Alpha Scorned, however, there are some crossover characters that you might want to know more about. Visit my website karentomlinson.com, or check out my Amazon author page for more information on my books and where to purchase them.

Shadow Sentinels World Books:
1. Alpha Scorned
2. Broken Alpha


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Broken Alpha

I am an Alpha. And I have a job to do. If I can’t resist her curves and attitude, it will be disastrous for us both.

Years ago, my existence was shattered. My mate was murdered, and I was forced to become a weapon for Hell. I lost all control over my life—until I escaped. Now, my soul is as dark as my past.

To protect myself, I built walls around my heart, yet nothing can change the fact that I am broken. Those walls start to crack when Ava, a stunning wolf shifter, offers herself to me. For the first time in years, I feel something more than rage and grief, so for her good, and mine, I push her away.

But we aren’t done.

When Ava is in danger I can’t stay out of it. And the scorching hot encounter that follows changes both of our lives.

Except Ava hides something monumental from me.

That mistake costs her. Now she’s mine.

Whisking her away from her family to live with an Alpha like me is a ruthless move, but she’s given me no choice, not when her deceit affects my future. Letting her go isn’t an option, even though keeping her could shatter me all over again. And this time there will be no coming back.

Welcome to the second standalone paranormal romance in the Shadow Sentinels World. This book is intended for 18+ readers who love their shifter romance with heat and a HEA.

It is not necessary to read the Shadow Sentinels series before the Shadow Sentinels World Novels, however, there are some crossover characters that you might want to know more about. 

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Signed paperbacks are available from my online store HERE

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