Suggested reading order for Karen Tomlinson’s books.

The reading order of Karen’s books will depend on which genre of book you fancy reading. Karen writes fantasy and paranormal romance. Just click the series headings to go to the series page. Just scroll down for a brief description of each series.

The Goddess and The Guardians Series (Available on Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited) If you are in the mood for a fast-paced, M/F high fantasy series then The Goddess and the Guardians is a good place to start!  This series is full of magic, war, fae warriors, and romance. The world-building is vast, and the characters travel through different kingdoms and across oceans to triumph over their own internal battles, and to beat the evil that is determined to destroy their world. It can be read in the correct order in the boxset, otherwise, the suggested reading order is set out below. 

A Bond of Destiny and Dragons (free with Karen’s newsletter sign-up) This is a full-length prequel, and follows some of the key characters from the main series, and explains much of the backstory of the world and its troubles.

Book 1– A Bond of Venom and Magic

(ABOVAM available on Audible)

Book 2-A Bond of Blood and Fire

Book 3-A Bond of Sovereigns and Souls

Book 4-A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice

The Goddess and the Guardians Boxset

The Eight Kingdoms (Available on Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited) This is a M/F high fantasy romance series following other key characters from the Goddess and the Guardians series. Find out what happens to them! 

Blessed King (Duet book 1)

Wiccan Queen (Duet book 2)

Emerald Warrior (standalone)

Shadow Sentinels (Paranormal wolf shifter romance) M/F 18+ (Available on Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited) If you are looking for a paranormal romance series with heavy urban fantasy vibes then this series is for you! This is a fast-paced and sexy read with a hot alpha male, and a kick-ass heroine who takes no prisoners! Join this amazing world of shifters, alpha brothers, strong women, and supernatural beings who will take you on a wild ride!





Shadow Sentinel’s world Novels (Standalone Paranormal shifter romance) M/F 18+ (Available on amazon & in kindle unlimited) 

If you are looking for a paranormal romance where the characters find their HEA then this series is for you. Each book can be read as a standalone romance but the characters and world are better understood if the books are read in order after The Shadow Sentinels Series.

Alpha Scorned

Broken Alpha

Title tbc Coming Autumn 2024

The Aether Chronicles (Spicy Romantic Dark Fantasy M/F) Special Editions e-book, and physical with foil covers, available on Karen’s shop. General editions on Applebooks, Kobo, Kobo +, Amazon, and other book retailers. HERE 

Veil Of Souls

Angel Of Aether (Launching on Kickstarter 24th May 2024)

King Of Demons (Coming to Kickstarter autumn 2024)

The Blood Throne World (Standalone 18+ M/M Vampire Romance)

Vampire Chained

The Blood Throne Saga (M/M/F 18+ Vampire Romance)

Work In Progress


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