Cover reveal for broken alpha!

I’ve been sitting on this cover for quite a while but I’m diving into edits very soon and wanted to share it. The release date on Amazon is not until October but this will release a lot sooner. I don’t like to set a date too close in case editing takes longer than I want, or, you know, life happens.

Let me know what you think. You can email me at email@karentomlinson.com or get in touch via one of my social media platforms. You can find those on the social tab on my website menu.

Here’s what Rawson’s book is about… I love him so much! He’s so troubled and fighting against right to love again.

Broken Alpha Description:


I am an Alpha. And I have a job to do. Too bad I can’t resist her curves and attitude. It will end in disaster for us both.

In a world where power and control are everything, she is my light. Except she can’t be mine. Not when I am a warrior. One of a group of powerful shifters blood bound to our King.

Years ago, when my mate was murdered, I lost all control over my life. Now, my past is as dark as my soul.

To protect myself, I built walls around my heart. Though nothing changes the fact that I am broken. Those walls start to crack when Ava, a stunning wolf shifter, offers herself to me. For her own good, I push her away.

But fate isn’t done with us. 

Seeing Ava in danger, forces me to act. And the scorching hot encounter that follows changes both of our lives. For the first time in years, I feel something more than rage and grief.

Except Ava lies to me.

That mistake costs her. Now she’s mine.

Whisking her away to live with a dangerous Alpha like me is ruthless, but letting her go is not an option, even though keeping her could destroy me all over again.

Welcome to the second standalone paranormal romance in the Shadow Sentinels World. This book is intended for 18+ readers who love shifter romance with heat.

Here’s the full cover>>>>>>>

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