Flirting With Darkness Hardback

🎉Flirting with Darkness hardback🎉
The hardback of this amazing set features a symbol jacket with the ebook cover underneath as the naked cover. There are custom art title pages (where you can stick the book plates if you choose that option!), and a custom header and break.
*All standalones in the set are in the book! 450k words of fantasy awesomeness*
There are two options:
– Hardback only
– The book box: Hardback with book plates from each author, a FWD bookmark, sticker and one black and white art print per story
How many:
We’re limiting the box set version to 100, and the book only version to 250
The order form opens now and closes at the end of the month or when we reach about 10% over our maximum order number!
Due to to the limited numbers of books, if invoices aren’t processed, they’ll be cancelled and sent to the next person on the waiting list
The books will be sent directly from the printer to you within a week of your completed order. Hardbacks may take 2 to 4 weeks depending on location.
If you choose the box option, each book plate is coming from a different author but will be sent to you within a month of your order. Some may take longer due to location.



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