*FREE BOOK!* Ends 6th May! Thought I’d do a freebie for all my lovely readers. If you haven’t managed to buy a copy of this book yet and would rather own it than borrow from KU, then here’s your chance!
PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HEART WRECKED AND YOUR MORALS RUINED! In this violent supernatural world, protecting my deepest secret is by far the most important thing of all.
Wrecked is Book 1 in the complete Shadow Sentinels series.
*This series is for 18+ readers only. Please only read if you enjoy sexy alphas, kick-arse heroines who can bring them to their knees, love hot and sexy scenes, have no issues with bad language; and adore a good supernatural story. If you do then dive in and hold onto your knickers (I’m British!). You’re in for a ride!
The series is currently available on Kindle Unlimited or in paperback to buy on Amazon. Hardback boxset available on www.karentomlinson.com.
Universal Amazon link: http://mybook.to/shadowsentinelswrecked
Wrecked excerpt: (edited to be -18 friendly;) Connor’s POV
Without hesitation, I licked her bottom lip where it was split and bruised. The sweetness of her blood exploded across my tongue, and I clenched my jaw to hold back my groan. I wanted to do it again and again. I shifted my hips away so that the evidence of her effect on me wasn’t so obvious.
Her body stiffened at the touch of my tongue. “Whoa, what are you doing?”
“Healing you.”
Come on, man, step up, I beseeched my wolf. He grumbled, and though he hadn’t really settled down since we’d scented Ember’s blood, he still refused to help.
Ember shook her head. “No, you can’t do that.”
I dropped my forehead against hers. “I can, Ember. I’m the Alpha Prime. I’ve taken the power of all the alpha’s I’ve k***ed in this place; and I have k***ed many. That means I can use my wolf’s power to at least partially heal you.” It wasn’t a complete lie.
She shook her head again, confirming that she had no idea of the real reason I could heal her. “No one I’ve ever met has had the ability to heal injuries like that.”
I raised a brow. “How many wolf shifters, or should I say, alphas, have you been around these last four years?”
I smiled when she shrugged, and a flush stained her cheeks.
“I’ll take that as none, then?” My muscles unwound a little, her lack of experience with our own kind made my lie more believable.



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