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If you love a paranormal romance with action, adventure, and a whole load of romance and sexy steam then this book is for you. You’ll love the characters and the mountains they have to climb to reach their HEA.

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© Karen Tomlinson 2021 Alpha Scorned

“What is there to understand, Selina? Did he just ask you to spend your life with him? Did he just offer himself as your soulmate?”

I swallowed the dread building in my chest. I wouldn’t explain to this shifter without talking to Owen first. I owed him that much. “This is between Owen and me—”

“Not any more. You rejected him.” 

The interruption wasn’t a question, it was a statement. 

“No!” I wiped my sweaty palms on the skirt of my dress. 

“You did. And now you will leave him be. You’ve done enough.”

I blinked. “But you don’t understand. He doesn’t understand.”

“Did you reject him!?” he roared, his eyes full of fury. 

I swallowed hard, lowering my gaze from the hate and sheer power in the amber and purple gaze of his wolf. And he was right to be angry. Rejecting a potential mate, especially a soulmate, was the worst sin a shifter could commit against another. Gods, what have I done? 

Stone growled. “You heartless bitch, after everything he’s done for you and your son, you rejected him, your soulmate…”

“Enough!” growled another voice.

My breath froze in my chest. Shane’s face was hard, his wolf clear and present in his eyes. He strode forward, placing himself between Stone and me. “Get away from her, Stone.”

Stone leaned sideways, keeping me in his sight, disgust evident in his expression. “Is that why you did it? For him?” He gestured between me and Shane, ignoring Shane completely. “You know he’s nowhere near the male my brother is.” His stare fixed back on Shane’s face. “So? Are you happy now you’ve destroyed one of us? Does it make you feel stronger than him, more powerful?” he sneered.

“Fuck off, Stone. This is none of your godsdamned business.”

Stone growled, his fingers flexing into fists at the same time as Shane’s.

I shook my head. This was getting out of hand. “Please. You can’t fight over this. Please, stop.” The chance of two alphas in a pissing contest listening to me were little to none. Though… I eyed the door again. If they fought, I could get out and hunt down Owen. Although I couldn’t be his mate, I could at least make him understand.

“Step away from each other, right now.” 

The command was thrown out with a wave of dominance so strong, it drove me to my knees. I wasn’t naturally submissive, not by any means. In fact, I was totally the opposite. My wolf might be in hiding, but I was still an alpha clear through to my soul. I’d fought, and triumphed against some nasty males for my position as Shane’s Beta, but this wave of power was meant to subdue two powerful alphas. Its effect on me was massive. My knees bent under the weight of my King’s strength.

Stone and Shane both stiffened. Their faces told me they wanted to fight, even if their bodies couldn’t go against their Prime.


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