Keeping in touch with my readers.

I want to give you the heads up on the exciting changes coming to my Patreon, and a quick update on the progress of the Aether Chronicles.

I know that I have been quiet across my social media platforms lately.

As I still work full time, writing opportunity is quite limited for me, so when I want to achieve a writing goal I have to totally focus on it. The other reason is Facebook and Instagram limit who they show posts to. Their algorithms favour those who post across their platforms daily. That isn’t practical for me so my posts tend to get buried. 

I will be concentrating more on my Patreon. Mainly because the people who follow me there are amazing people who are interested in what’s happening with my work in progress, and support me to achieve my author goals. They absolutely deserve some perks for that!

I have added a low tier which is only £1 (that’s less than a dollar) for access to all general posts. If you want to chat with me about my writing and get access to other fun perks then come on over and join us. I’ll be doing an Aether Chronicles cover reveal and title reveal for all three books in September.

Come and join us HERE



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