Wiccan Queen is up for preorder!

I am really proud that Wiccan Queen is already with my editor and is up on Amazon for preorder. This is book Two in Jack and Lyana’s story and completes their story.

I am really excited to share this book. Lyana becomes a kick ass queen with the power to move between worlds. As always there are massive and exciting battles and Jack is thrown all sorts of hurdles to overcome. 

Feedback from Beta readers has been awesome and Wiccan Queen is on track to be released on the 12th October. 

Here’s the Blurb and link if you’d like to preorder or save the date for your diary!


The witch war is coming. There is no escape.

Fate chose Lyana to be the Wiccan Queen. Now she is being hunted. The veil between worlds is thinning and the Witch princess seeks revenge.

Aided by an ancient spirit, an immortal Wiccan lord and an ancient cauldron, Lyana vows to protect the kingdom she has grown to love. To defeat her nemesis, she must harness the ancient power of the Wiccan Queen, including the astonishing ability to travel the astral plane where time means nothing and existence is merely a matter of perspective.

Jack should kill Lyana for what she is. It is the law. But he is the king and he has the power to rewrite the law. While Stormguaard prepares for war, Jack searches vast forest lands for the woman he loves. Soon he finds himself battling more than one ancient and vicious enemy to survive.

Both Lyana and Jack must face their foes head on. For if the witch princess captures her prize, there will be no going back—for anyone.

This is the second book in the Blessed King duology. Dive into this romantic fantasy, set in a vast magical world. Readers of Sarah J Maas and Holly Black, who love all things fae with a good helping of Witches, Wiccans and magic thrown in, will love the tales of The Eight Kingdoms.



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