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It seems like an age since Wiccan Queen’s release when actually it’s only two weeks. I have been trying to make progress with Attion’s story but it’s hard to concentrate and get into his story when I have so many author things to catch up on too. I’m very aware I cannot write as quickly as other authors do. Sometimes this doesn’t bother me so much and I can keep it perspective, other times, like now, I feel like I’m trying to swim through thick mud and getting nowhere. 

Working full time makes it hard to find a block of time to sit down and concentrate fully on the fantasy world my characters live in. I find when I come to edit after the first draft the story is disjointed and the flow choppy. Despite this, I like the editing process. That is a subject for another day though, right now I am just highlighting that for many authors being full-time writers is not immediately possible and it can take longer to bring you their books.

Being super organised and able to adapt my thought processes to jump from day job to writing or family time to writing is essential for me as a writer or I would never get any words down. It feels absolutely amazing if I have a solid block of an hour or two to write. I have discovered over the last three years since I published my first book that there is a side to running an author business that also takes up a lot of my time and can become frustrating if it is allowed to be. 

Administration of marketing, ads, website updates, this blog, social media and groups and trying to learn about craft is time-consuming. I guess what I’m trying to do with this post is just highlight that when an author cannot publish as quickly as others not to forget about them. They are working just as hard as other authors but perhaps don’t have the time to dedicate solely to writing the books you are waiting for.

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