Veil of Souls Cover Reveal!

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I am so stoked to FINALLY be able to show this absolutely freaking amazing cover by Amalia Chitulescu (Chiricea) I’ve had this cover for Veil of Souls for years and its been my goal since I first saw them to share them in Hardback form with you! I love beautiful hardbacks and want you to have a chance to own this gorgeous series as a luxury edition!
The Amalia art will make a stunning dust jacket, and to top it off it will have foiled pink flames and gorgeous silver foil typography. Add to that the exquisite naked cover art by Samaiya Beaumont and the beautiful interior formatting Stephanie Wallace is doing and you have the most stunning book EVER!
Come and follow the campaign over on Kickstarter. I will set it live in October, so if you are following the page you’ll get an automatic notification that it’s ready for you to grab your chance at a copy! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/karentomlinsonauthor/veil-of-souls-deluxe-hardbacks
Honestly, I’m so excited to finally be able to show you Amalia’s gorgeous cover art. The other two books in the Aether Chronicles romantic dark fantasy series are written and will be released on Kickstarter in their own campaigns. Once the orders for this first campaign are delivered, the next book campaign will be up to follow! So there’ll be no waiting around for months for the next one!
Come and join us over on Kickstarter, and be there for the launch, the giveaways, books, and extra flash rewards!
Aether is all. Life. Love. Death. Rebirth. But most of all, Aether is power.
I was born into a world of love, kindness, and pretty things…then it was brutally ripped away. Taken in by their leader, I grew up amongst the Vipers, a violent caste of thieves and cutthroats who prowl the city of Tetris.
My only calling in life is vengeance against those who killed my family. And it will be mine—it’s only a matter of time.
Yet, vengeance must wait. The Aether, the Veil between our mortal world and the Netherworld, is sick. The souls of the dead are restless, and the souls of the living are being stolen, dragged without mercy into the darkness.
When I’m caught using magic to destroy the soul suckers who threaten my home, everything changes. I’m forced to work for the man I hate most in this world. He’s dangerous. Ruthless. A liar who ripped apart my heart.
Well, he’ll soon find out that I’m not the same love-sick fool he left behind. This time, Dexalion won’t chew my heart up and spit it out. It doesn’t matter how sexy his smile is, or how much I enjoy pushing his control; the only one in charge of my life is me.
*Warning! Due to the swearing/cursing, violence, hot & sometimes detailed sex scenes, plus all the feels leaving a major book hangover, this series is aimed at 18+ readers!
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