Last chance to buy!

Like all good things, this box set is soon coming to an end! Boo! There is a silver lining though because once this set is down, I can release Vampire Chained into the world. Dav & Elliot’s story is a M/M spicy romance set in a sexy and dark vampire world. It’s a standalone book with a HEA. This new world is related to the Shadow Sentinels’ world. It isn’t in any way necessary to read that series first, but if you haven’t read it you might like to know more about some of the characters that make a guest appearance!

I’ll reveal the very hot and sexy cover once their story is back in my hands! I can’t wait for you to see it. It’s so yummy!!

Just click the image to grab your copy of this anthology before it’s taken down on the 15th January!



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