Kickstarter part three!& find out some of the goodies you’ll get when you back!

Hey lovely readers! I have a date for the Kickstarter release of Veil of Souls! The 17th October is the date you’ll be able to see all the amazing goodies that you can grab with your copy of this stunning book!

So I guess this is part three of my Kickstarter journey! We had gotten as far as the cover reveal. I have worked my arse off the last few weeks to get this campaign in shape. I’ve had feedback from two amazing authors who have run several campaigns in the past and taken on board their feedback.

So where are we up to? The maps are finished! I love them! If you’re anything like me, you’ll love being able to glance at a map and understand the characters’ journey. And there are all kinds of bookish swag and goodies up for grabs in the various tiers. You’ll find 2 sets of unique bookmarks, character art, NSFW (not safe for work) art and vellum page overlays, a little sword page marker, wax melts, and a cheeky “I don’t watch porn I read it’ metal bookmark. There’s also a lot more goodies but I’ll let you see them when we go live.

So as well as working on images for the campaign, (which are my bloody nemesis I tell ya!), I’m not so good at pretty images! I’m working with Stephanie Wallace, who is an artist and formatter, as well as a fabulous author! Steph is going to make the interior of the book absolutely amazing with double-page chapter images and character art! I can’t wait to see the finished product!


Come on over and follow the Kickstarter and you’ll get a notification when it goes live.



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