Hi there, I have to say I was shocked to see how long it is since I last posted on my blog! Time has been flying by these past weeks. I have been really busy writing and trying to sort out A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice release in good time. I got the final edits back on Monday and am really excited that I have just finished them. I can’t believe it. That is my first full series of five books written and completed. When the 15th December arrives I will have released a full series of YA fantasy books. I know it has taken me longer than many authors to write that many books but I am still proud of my achievement. My time for writing is short and limited to late evenings and weekends in between family commitments and working full time, so I have had to accept I will not be able to release as quickly as other people.

If you are a writer, may be you are just starting out or perhaps you have written numerous books, heed the advice I have read many times: don’t compare yourself to others. You have to be realistic in your goals. It doesn’t mean having those goals or realistic expectations will make your confidence soar or that you will ever stop striving to be like the people you perceive as ‘better’ or ‘more successful’ than you, but it might just help you manage your stress levels and give you some measure of belief that you can achieve what you want to with your chosen path.

My goal for 2018 was to finish this series. I’ve managed it, so I am happy with that. It meant releasing three books this year. They are not short books but 105000 word + books, so yeah. *gulps* next year my goal is five books! Hmm, we’ll see… Perhaps I’ll have to curb the word counts a bit! *laughs loudly* Hint: I just turned my next book into two books, so maybe word count isn’t my strong suit!

A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice is on pre-order via Amazon. There is also a $50 Amazon gift card giveaway. Just a heads up too, in addition to the first book A Bond of Venom and Magic being FREE until S & S release, books 2 & 3 will be on 0.99 offer from the 8th -14th of December.

Keep an eye out for some teasers from A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice in the next couple of weeks too.

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