Add a Little TikTok to your life;)

Have you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon yet? I did about a year ago. It took me a while to get the hang of it, and like many authors who use social media to help market their books, I know things now that I wish I’d known back then.

The TikTok algorithm is as sensitive as other SM platforms, probably more so. I think I’ve worked it out a bit, but still don’t get massive views. I think being in the UK not the US makes a difference, though I know some authors get good page views. Perhaps my lower views are because I confused the algorithm when I first started and viewed videos that weren’t book related. That’s a bad thing to do by the way, if you are trying to figure things out over there.  Stick to view book-related posts only, and only comment on book related posts, too.

I’m managing to post daily and it’s time-consuming, but it’s actually nice to reach and interact with some readers. I’m not sure it’s made any difference with book sales, but I have seen a slight tick up in page reads for the series I did some page flip videos for last week.

If you want to join me on TikTok here’s the link. Karen’s TIKTOK Let me know you came over because of this blog post, too. Just find a video on my profile and comment on there. I’ll see it. Liking and commenting on my videos will help the algorithm show the videos to more people too, so that would be amazing.

Let me know if you enjoy watching TikTok, it can be a fun place! 



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