Veil Of Souls Special Edition e-book (Book 1 The Aether Chronicles)


This special edition of Veil Of Souls is not available on retailers. This e-book contains exclusive formatting, two full-colour maps, and Dex and Lia character art. It will be delivered Via Bookfunnel link.


Aether is life, love, death, rebirth. But above all else, it is power.

I was born into a world of love, kindness, and pretty things…until it was brutally ripped away.

To survive I became a Viper. One of a violent gang of thieves and cutthroats who prowl the city of Tetris. 

My only calling is vengeance. And it will be mine—it’s only a matter of time.

Yet, vengeance must wait. The Aether, the Veil between our mortal world and the Netherworld, is sick. The souls of the dead are restless, and the souls of the living are being stolen, dragged without mercy into the darkness.

When I’m caught using magic to destroy the soul suckers who threaten my home, everything changes. I’m forced to work for the man I hate most in this world. He’s dangerous. Ruthless. A liar who ripped apart my heart.

Well, he’ll soon find out that I’m not the same love-sick fool he left behind. This time, Dexalion won’t chew up my heart and spit it out. It doesn’t matter how sexy his smile is, or how much I enjoy pushing his control; the only one in charge of my life is me.

*Warning! This book contains swearing/cursing, violence, hot & detailed sex scenes, major emotional feels, and may leave a huge book hangover.


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Veil Of Souls e-book

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