I’m so excited to say I’ve finished the beta edits for the FINAL book in The Goddess and the Guardians! It’s was overwhelming doing those last few chapters. I made myself cry! My twins came upstairs and totally got that I was upset at some of the events in the final chapters of Diamond and Eryanth’s story. My husband, however, came upstairs and looked at me like I was nuts! “Why are you writing something that will upset you and other people?” Ha! Ha! He is not a reader! Factual books only for my other half;)  I’m so looking forward to sharing A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice with you.

I’ll be doing a cover reveal in October sometime and am aiming for release in early december.

At the back of S&S there is the first chapter in Prince Jack’s own book. I want to tell the story of how he starts to rebuild his homelands and a kingdom for his people. I also want him to find a love of his own. I think he deserves it, don’t you?

I am a few chapters into the Aether Chronicles too. This is my next fantasy series. It’s not looking like its Young Adult specifically but I’ll see how it goes.

Right. I’m back to writing now. By the way my newsletter has just gone out. If you’d like to sign up here’s the link….

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