Hi folks, I usually try and share a little excerpt for WIP Wednesday on my Facebook street team The Silver Guardians but thought I’d share here too. My current WIP is a prequel to my fantasy series The Goddess and The Guardians. I am really excited that Rise of A Queen is going in a fantasy box set in January 2018. After my first round of Beta reading I am revising the sections that need it and am adding a few more scenes with the evil queen on request of some readers. Anyway this is the unedited section I’ve chosen for today. Feel free to comment or let me know what you think… Have a lovely Wednesday folks!!

“…I am a far better warrior than any you have under your control. Who else can you trust Griana?”

Griana’s smile was hideous, the greed in her eyes as she looked him over unmistakable.

Erzion pretended not to notice, instead he swiped the blood from his right eye as he looked around at the circle of warriors.

“These are my Queen’s Guard,” Griana told him, observing every minute movement he made, but the challenge to prove himself was there, in her voice.

“Really?” he replied. His wide, arrogant grin hadn’t fully stretched his mouth when he threw his dagger into the nearest guard. Before it had chance to spear the male’s throat, Erzion pulled his sword from the ground and killed the two guards nearest Griana.

Smiling with delight at the blood shed she slammed up a shield around herself.

All levity gone from his face, Erzion swallowed his self-disgust and guilt and flipped into the air and fought the guards who followed him up. Spearing one on his sword, he used his armoured wings to slash off another’s sword arm.  Screaming, the warrior fell to the ground.

Erzion landed elegantly, still gripping his stolen sword. Thick, red blood dripped from his wings. With apparent distaste, he eyed the screaming warrior as blood pumped onto the ground near Erzion’s boots.

Erzion stepped back, hoping he had done enough. Outwardly he appeared unconcerned by killing his Avalonian brothers; inside he was screaming and cursing the goddess for placing him in this position. What other atrocities would he be forced to perpetrate in order to fulfill his blood oath?


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