by | Jun 8, 2019

The Eight Kingdoms series is YA romantic fantasy based in the same world as The Goddess and the Guardians. I wanted to write in this awesome world where there are fae, shapeshifters, Wiccans, Witches and all manner of other fantasy beings living. These books follow some of the characters from TGATG and will introduce some new ones too. There will always be a love story, as I love some romance in my books, but will also be full of adventure, epic battles and magic. Each story will either be a standalone or duology. Dive in and enjoy this rich fantasy world…!

For now, all my books are exclusive to AMAZON and are FREE to read in KINDLE UNLIMITED.

An ill-fated king. A princess with a damning secret. And an army of phantom witches intent on destroying them both.

Returning from war, King Jack Oden and ‍Princess Lyana vow to rebuild the starving kingdom of Rhodainia.

When innocent children are found murdered, Lyana must risk all and enter the world of outlawed spell-weavers to seek the culprit.

As Jack fights for the survival of the kingdom, Lyana’s own secret threatens not only her chance to bring the killer to justice but more bloodshed and war.

With every life in the kingdom hanging in the balance, will Jack and Lyana lose themselves and their love in the coming battle?

After all, the Phantoms are coming and they will annihilate everything to get what they want…

Dive into this romantic fantasy and join a cast of fabulous characters who will steal your breath, set your heart pounding and leave you yearning for more as they battle for a better world, a better future and a love that will transcend adversity.

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