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The Kickstarter was amazing! It’s funded enough to produce a damned gorgeous book for you all. I can’t wait to get moving with this project. The first thing I need to do is to arrange the formatting of the files with all of the beautiful art inside. We hit a stretch goal of printed endpapers. That means the maps are going to be those endpapers. They will be nice and clear and easier to see. I can’t wait to get the book in my hands so that I can see those maps in the flesh! It’s going to be bit of a wait as there’s a lot to do first.

The book is still up for late pledges on Kickstarter until the middle of August. You will also be able to ‘preorder’ through Backerkit. Backerkit is a platform that allows me to manage the orders I got through Kickstarter and to have a shop available for you to order extra stuff if you’d like it.  I’ll keep that shop open until August, too, and then I’ll close them both down. By then, I should have the copies well on their way to being produced and be able to lock down the number of orders.

Just click here for Kickstarter late pledges. I’ll share the BAckerkit link when I have it ready.







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