King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard
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well my previous review seems to have disappeared. Not sure why but I guess I’ll try again.
I was quite disappointed with this book. Yes we get a bit of insight into the evilness that is Maven and maybe we are supposed to feel sorry for him…but the time it took to explain his psychology to the reader via Mare’s confused feelings took a bit too long for me. I found myself skipping pages as the same thing happened again and again, for the first 60% of the book. (Maven explaining why he is so evil and Mare deciding if she likes him or wants to kill him)
It took a long time to get any insight into what was happening outside Mare’s ‘cage’. The POV’s of the other characters left me feeling discontented. I didn’t really care much about what their thoughts were. I had no emotional attachment to them at all. In fact I felt quite disconnected from all of them really. The last 40 % of the book engaged me a bit better. The twists on who was going to support whom livened it up a bit.
The ending wasn’t much of a surprise but again I feel that the emotional spark between Cal and Mare could have been explored more to make that ending more painful. I might have lost concentration a bit at this point as well, but what difference does a marriage between silvers have on the red revolution? I might need to reread that end bit again.
It isn’t that I didn’t like the book, I think maybe I just need more of an emotional connection with the characters I read about, and the POV’s(other than Mare) in this book just didn’t do that for me. I think I needed to see Maven’s or Cal’s PoV.
I will read the last book when it comes out because I want to see where the story goes. I just hope I can feel a bit more about the next one.

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