Release day for Flirting With Darkness!










This amazing box set is out today! It already has a little orange bestseller tag on Amazon! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to read all these amazing authors while they are in one easy place for you to find!



Look at the line up!

FWD set list Six Scorched Roses, Carissa Broadbent

Misdeeds, May Sage | Alexi Blake

Claimed by her Bear, Ariel Marie

These Gentle Wolves, Clare Sager

Vampire Chained, Karen Tomlinson

Stolen Magic, Emma Dean

Fire Kissed, L.C. Son

Hired by the Werewolves, Erin Bedford

Dark Court, Jewel Killian

Royally Embraced, Catherine Banks:

The Vampire Hunt, Ali Winters:

Fenrir, Demelza Carlton:

Lovely Darkness, May Dawson:

Serpent’s Promise, Marina Simcoe:

The Mage Clock, JC Andrijeski:

Devil’s Debt, KT Strange:

Go ahead and treat yourself and read Elliot and Dav’s story Vampire Chained:

I’m an assassin. My first mission? To kill the most powerful Vampire in Europe. What can possibly go wrong?

Entering The Gambit, a sinful supernatural club owned by Count Balthazar Rossi is the last thing I want to do. But I’ve been imprisoned in a vampire coven all my life, and to escape my stepfather’s vicious rule, I’ll do anything, even attempt this impossible task.

When my assassination attempt is defeated by Davolv Zoltar, the Count’s lethal…and sexy second in command, I know my life is forfeit.

I find myself chained in the dungeon of this sexy and lethal vampire. Escape is my priority until I discover everything in my life is a lie. Now vengeance is my goal.

But can I walk away when Davlov’s touch makes my blood and soul sing?



























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