Here it is! The final book in The Goddess and the Guardians YA fantasy romance!

I’m so excited to be sharing this book with all the readers who have supported this series. Thank you and I hope you love it as much as I do!

You can get your copy from the link below. A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice is the last book in Diamond and Hugo/Eryanth’s story. Their final adventure sees them travel across rough seas, forge new alliances and friendships that will endure past the end of this book into others, fight more than one battle, lose people that mean the world to them and solidify their love for one another. I can’t wait to share this with those who love these characters.

This series started as a bedtime story for my little girls when they were about 3 yrs old. The characters were named by them, (though Diamond was originally Sparkles, so that needed to be changed!) Along with Diamond-Tom, Jack and Hugo were the main characters and we had different adventures every night with them. As the girls got older and the tone of the story began to change, I decided to put a more young adult and romance spin on it so that when the girls were old enough they could read it and enjoy it and remember the time we spent creating these characters together.

I had a blast writing Diamond and Hugo’s story. It morphed and changed a lot of the years as I got used to my writing style and the voice of each character. The original story of 250000 words was split, edited and rewritten so many times I lost count but that story essentially made up books one and two.  I have so many deleted and unused scenes it’s amazing.

I am going to miss writing about these characters, who have grown with me as my girls have grown up but I am also excited about writing more books with new characters and worlds. I am currently writing a series of stand alone and duology books which are based in the world of the Eight Kingdoms. This series will begin with King Jack Oden’s story. Again it is a fantasy romance and will be two books long: Blessed King and Wiccan Queen.

I’ll drop the blurb for S & S below for you. If you have any questions about the series, feel free to stalk me on social media or drop me an email and I’ll gladly try and answer your questions.

If you’re a reader of this series, “THANK YOU” for your support, if you haven’t read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Let these books whisk you into a new fantasy world.










Sometimes winning means losing EVERYTHING.

Reeling from their encounter with the God of Chaos, Diamond and Eryanth Arjuno, the true heirs of the Avalonian crown, strive to rekindle their broken bonds and heal their shattered hearts.

But the machinations of war are never simple. Challenges must be faced and threat hovers ever closer as painful truths are revealed and blood ties are uncovered.

No longer an innocent village girl but a fierce and powerful queen, Diamond will fight for those she loves. She will wage war for her people and battle for the survival of every soul in the Eight Kingdoms. But she soon discovers destiny will exact a high price. If she cannot accept the cost to her heart and soul, the Eight Kingdoms—and those dearest to her, will be doomed for eternity.

Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart pounding battle, sailing through vast oceans and flying with fierce dragons. You’ll be pushed to your limits and sucked back in for this final, breathtaking adventure in The Goddess and the Guardians series. It’s the epic conclusion you never knew you were waiting for.

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