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I’m an assassin. My first mission? To kill the most powerful Vampire in Europe. What can possibly go wrong?

Entering The Gambit, a sinful supernatural club owned by Count Balthazar Rossi is the last thing I want to do. But I’ve been imprisoned in a vampire coven all my life, and to escape my stepfather’s vicious rule, I’ll do anything, even attempt this impossible task.

Inside the club, I don’t know where to look. Half-naked demons, deadly fae, sexy shifters, and beautiful Original vampires eye me like I’m dinner. I’m way out of my depth, and I know it.

When my assassination attempt is defeated by the Count’s lethal and sexy second in command, I know my life is forfeit.

Davlov Zoltar is powerful, dangerous, and drop-dead gorgeous. Exactly the type who pushes all my buttons. The problem? I’m the lowest of the low, a half-blood human. And he’s an Original vampire—my enemy.

When I find myself chained to his wall, I’ll do whatever it takes to escape with my life. Except, even as his prisoner, Davlov introduces me to a different world, one where I can be strong and in control.

Discovering my whole life has been a lie shouldn’t be a surprise, not when my stepfather treated me worse than a blood slave. Davlov shows me I’m worth far more than I ever believed, and my goal shifts from just surviving, to something far darker.

But can I really leave Davlov behind to reap vengeance when his touch makes not only my blood but my heart and soul, sing?

This standalone M/M vampire novella is set in the dark and seductive world of The Blood Throne Saga where vampires are powerful, sexy, and have no rules about who they play with. Anyone is fair game.

Vampire Chained is a M/M vampire romance with on-page, spicy sex scenes. If this is not your kind of book then try the Shadow Sentinels Series and the Shadow Sentinels World Standalone Novels. They are all M/F paranormal romance with lots of action and romance and of course a HEA! (Lol! Eventually!)


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