Planning a “Gratis” copy of A Bond of Venom and Magic

I’ve just penned my newsletter for this Saturday. As I’ve added a fair few new subscribers to my list, I thought I’d set one of my books to free. Well, it’s a pretty low time of the year for many people, with the post-Christmas lull, dark nights, and darker mornings. Urgh. So if you haven’t read the first book in this fast-paced, romantic, high fantasy, then grab a copy on me. It’ll be free from the 21st-25th January on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it! 

You can download it from Amazon, read in Kindle Unlimited, or if you prefer physical copies, order from Amazon or my webshop. These can be signed or unsigned. just go to www.karentomlinson.com/shop

AMAZON US (affiliate link)




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