Patreon Art Exclusive & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I hope today is great for you!
Unfortunately, my father-in-law died a few days ago, and we’ve just had another family death, so my new year hasn’t started brilliantly. Hubby has gone to be with his family today so I am catching up on some book stuff, editing, writing, and generally keeping busy. I’ve just shared a piece of character art for the Aether chronicles over on Patreon. Zahlia’s image is beautiful. The art has been commissioned from @ghostinthegarden on Instagram. She’s done an amazing job and I’m looking forward to seeing Dexalion when Lauren starts working on him later this month.
I’ve also commissioned some NSFW art from @Saramirza_art to be done in March. There will be stickers, transparent page inserts of the art, and other swag available for the Kickstarter for the Aether Chronicles.
These hardbacks and special edition e-books are going to be amazing. All the art I have commissioned, plus the fantasy art covers will be included in both versions.
Books 1 & 2 are in the editing stage and I m just starting on book 3. It’s looking like summer for the Kickstarter but I’ll keep you informed.
The best place to keep up with stuff and receive exclusives on the art and other things I have planned for Kickstarter is on my Patreon. Come on over and join me, and support this crazy writing adventure I’m on!



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