I have been meaning to do this for a very long time and have finally managed it! I have set up an Indie book review group on Goodreads. The idea is to introduce indie authors to new readers, and readers to some of the fabulous indie authors that are out there. This group is not a free book group but all books will be on offer of 0.99. for when we choose them. I will post a poll in the group for three books every month. The group members will choose the main one we will read. Obviously it will be your money so if you wish to read and review one of the others and chat about it this is fine. I will be running a thread for the main book to be reviewed in my Facebook group too. Karen Tomlinson’s Silver Guardians. Any reviews posted there will go into a random draw for a giveaway, the idea being the featured author provides some swag for a prize. I hope you will join us and have some fun in what i think is going to be an awesome group.

Authors if you wish to sign up your books click HERE. Please read the form fully before submitting your book.

Karen Tomlinson’s Indie Author Review Group.
Karen Tomlinson's Indie Author Review Group.
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Thanks for wanting to join! This is group is dedicated to supporting indie authors and is for book lovers of all genres. Each month I will choose 3 books which are on 0.99 offer. The group will vote on a main one to read. If you wish to read the other books instead, or even as well as, then by all means go ahead!
The point of this group is to introduce indie authors to a new reader group and give readers new authors to enjoy. To support the indie author base, all reviews should be posted on Amazon. Then your review will be verified, which is awesome as we all know how important verified reviews are for any author.
Everyone is short of time so all reviews can be as short (or long) as you like.
I will also be posting a thread in my Facebook group for the monthly read. There may even be some swag etc (if I talk nicely to the authors) for a lucky reviewer if you want to hop over and join in…
Just search for : Karen Tomlinson’s Silver Guardians if you’d like to join and chat with me.
** Authors please only submit books that have been edited and are available on Amazon internationally. Thank you.

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