(By the way, isn’t this book cover gorgeous?)

If you are looking for your next fantasy read, then look no more. I have just finished this enjoyable fantasy. Here’s my none-spoilery Goodreads review for Rosinanti:

An enjoyable 4.5 stars! Let me explain the half. When I first started this book, I worried that it would be too descriptively written to hold my attention. After the first chapter or so it settled into a great story. I loved Vahn’s character and his interaction with his sons. I also connected with Valentean and enjoyed seeing him and his brother Kayden grow. I loved the action in the book. I’m a sucker for great action scenes but my only comment about the story is that I think the fight scenes could have been condensed a little bit. I would have loved to see a bit more of the deeper more mature relationship growing between Valentean and Sera too in between the fights and battles before the declaration of love. I like the way the powerful magical beings also have weaknesses that can be exploited. I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Well worth a read if you like fantasy containing traditional elements. This book could be enjoyed by all ages. It’s a clean read with no strong language.

I am looking forward to the next instalment that i believe will be released soon.

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