I am not one for really long book reviews, but thought I would start doing a regular monthly mini book review. I will be starting an indie book review group on Goodreads and sharing the links and reviews with my street team, so watch this space if you’re interested. All books will be priced 0.99. The idea being to increase awareness of indie authors and help us all find new books. Any review you then leave on Amazon should then be verified, and we all know how important verified reviews are for indie authors. I’ll share more about the group when I’ve got it set up and running. You can always email me if you’d like more information. So back to this months indie read. This month I have read Seer by Ashley Maker



Ashley Maker is the author of SEER, UNDER THE TREES, and A CURSE OF STONE AND MOONLIGHT. As both a writer and a middle school English teacher, Ashley spends much of her time thinking about fictional worlds, grammar rules, and how to effectively share those things with others. She loves hanging out with her husband, two young daughters, and their zoo of family pets in Oklahoma.



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When Clare Palmer accepts a scholarship to attend Evergreen, she thinks she’s escaping her insane, estranged father, while also getting the chance to go to the school her late mother graduated from. Instead, she finds herself trapped in a scientifically-enhanced, combat-obsessed society called the Corasha who view her as a dangerous outsider.

Clare views herself as an outsider, too. Unwilling to accept the outrageous claims of those around her, she’s ready to get out of Evergreen at the first opportunity, until unwanted and unstable visible abilities begin to surface, confirming she’s a Seer, a biological anomaly that’s both prized and guarded by the Corasha. The only person who knows about her phasing is Kade, the attractive yet infuriating mentor she’s now indebted to, but trusting him comes with a price her heart might not be willing to pay.

Surrounded by dangerous secrets and hidden agendas, Clare must figure out who she can trust—and fast, because there’s a war coming, and the last thing she wants is to become a weapon in the wrong hands.

My Mini Book Review:

Four stars-I liked it!

I voluntarily read this book and wanted to leave this review. The story is mainly based in a secret school/training camp and we see our main character, Clare, trying to fit in with others, make friends and learn how to fight. Of course there are boy issues, in that there are two hot ones. Throughout the book we see how Clare’s relationship develops with both of them and where her heart eventually takes her. The book for me initially was quite slow to get going, mainly because the information given to the main character about why she was taken to the school and what her powers are, is not forth coming. The book is written in first person and i just wanted Clare to be more forceful, about getting that info’ from the people running the school, and the other students. We got most if not all the information later in the book. I liked the characters in the book, they are well written and it was an enjoyable read. I will look forward to reading the next book in the series.




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