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 If you are a reader of my books and would like to join me for live chats, I have just set up my channel to do live talks on my Patreon! 👏 I’m really excited about it! Because Social Media, particularly Facebook is a little precious at times about warnings and randomly closing groups down, I am trying to build up my Patreon. It makes me feel safer to have an alternative where I can reach my readers.
I offer many rewards depending on the tier. I am currently sharing raw excerpts of book 2 in the Aether Chronicles. My Patrons will also get to know the titles and see the covers of this series before everyone else. I’ll also make some exclusive merchandise for my patrons with art from that up-and-coming series. Merch with the original A Bond of Venom and Magic art will soon be available to specific tiers too! https://www.patreon.com/karentomlinsonauthor…
Do you like live Q&A chats? Let me know! I’d love to meet you over on my Patreon and share the excitement of my next release when it happens!



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