To celebrate the upcoming release of the final book in the Goddess and the Guardians series, I have set up this awesome giveaway! You can enter for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Check out the giveaway for ways to enter.

A Bond of Swords and Sacrifice is up for preorder at $2.99. Grab your copy on preorder before it increases to $4.99! If you are a KU reader, that’s great! You will be able to read in KU for FREE from release date.

Here’s the description. Just click on the image below for the giveaway or preorder HERE.

Sometimes winning means losing EVERYTHING.

Reeling from their encounter with the God of Chaos, Diamond and Eryanth Arjuno, the true heirs of the Avalonian crown, strive to rekindle their broken bonds and heal their shattered hearts.

But the machinations of war are never simple. Challenges must be faced and threat hovers ever closer as painful truths are revealed and blood ties are uncovered.

No longer an innocent village girl but a fierce and powerful queen, Diamond will fight for those she loves. She will wage war for her people and battle for the survival of every soul in the Eight Kingdoms. But she soon discovers destiny will exact a high price. If she cannot accept the cost to her heart and soul, the Eight Kingdoms—and those dearest to her, will be doomed for eternity.

Prepare yourself for magical lands, heart pounding battle, sailing through vast oceans and flying with fierce dragons. You’ll be pushed to your limits and sucked back in for this final, breathtaking adventure in The Goddess and the Guardians series. It’s the epic conclusion you never knew you were waiting for.

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