Happy holidays & some very cool (hot;)) reading material for you!!


I’m having a book admin day today. That means lots of tidying up things like my website, blog, and writing and scheduling a newsletter for later today.

I’m really happy to have been invited to be a part of this amazing book fair run by Sophie Davis. I love her books, they are dark and angsty and great for a total escape from reality. 

Don’t miss out on them. These books are either free or 0.99. If you don’t want to download and keep them, then most are also available on Kindle Unlimited.

Wrecked is a part of this deal, and though it says 0.99, I’ve actually set it as a freebie. Amazon is a bit behind but they’ve assured me it will be set for free by 12:00 pst which is around 8 pm GMT today. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime check out some of these other fantastic reads. 



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