So this is my fortnightly mini author interview. Cecily has a new YA book out so I’ll drop the link and blurb below so you can check it out.

Do you prefer chocolate or icecream?

Ice cream

What is your favourite fantasy creature?


What is your favourite film and why?

Ten Things I Hate About You – Heath Ledger!

Your last spontaneous frivolous buy?

A Key Lime milkshake from my hometown Swenson’s drive-in

One (or more) crazy thing/s you’ve done in your life?

Skinnydipping in the dark in a lake – crazy fun, but maybe a little dangerous!

For Mary Sofia, The Penultimate writing competition is more than a chance at a free college education; she wants to show her younger siblings that they can all rise above their violent family history. For Raiden, the pressure to succeed comes from within, although he knows that family traditions play a part in his determination. For Camara, writing fiction is almost compulsive, but her own dark secret may be the best story she can ever tell. For Michael, swimming and writing fit his introverted personality perfectly, but meeting a smart and beautiful girl at The Penultimate makes stepping outside of his comfort zone easy. All four will compete against each other along with 96 other high school juniors for the chance of a lifetime: a full scholarship to a prestigious private college. Some students will do anything to win, but others may pay the price.

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