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Producing audiobooks is much more fun than I thought it would be. I’ve had to do a lot of research into the many facets of it, and it’s been a huge learning curve.

I’ve learned about microphones, stands and pop filters, and software, and what the best studio space would be. All the technical stuff that makes a good product. I might not be able to hit the ground running with all of it, as it can get extremely expensive, not to mention space and silence in my little two-bedroomed semidetached house are scarce!  But I’ve made a good start!

How to be a voice narrator is perhaps the hardest part to learn. I’ve watched lots of videos and listened to much advice about speed, pitch, tone, and pronunciation. I am trying to find my own style and flo which I hope is one that fits the fantasy series that I first wrote.

I’ve listened back to the first two chapters I recorded and am happy with the flow and speed of my recordings. I’m also pleased with the tone of my voice through the microphone. I can only hope that if you’re from the US that you don’t mind a Midlands English accent!

There are things that I’d like to improve. Electrical interference is something that the computer picks up. I can hear it on playback, especially through a set of headphones, but I am working on finding some gadgets that might help me get rid of it, or at least dull it down a bit.

Other than that I’m pleased with the chapters so far.

If you’d like to join my journey into audiobook production, you can join my buymeacoffee site. It’s a creator site where you can just donate the cost of one coffee to keep me caffeinated while I work, or you can join my monthly subscription and have access to the audio chapters as I produce them, or even the full books for a little more each month. As time goes on this means you’ll get access to all of my books in audio to listen to as much as you want.

As audiobooks are thousands to have someone else produce I’m going to continue this way. I hope you’ll join me there soon.

The first book in the Goddess and the Guardians site is on Audible as it was produced a few years ago and is exclusive to them. The subsequent books in that series will be read by me. A Bond of Blood and Fire is in production at the moment.





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